Peter Gaugy - About

This is a thrilling time to be an opera lover. Extraordinary productions are opening on a regular basis with some of the most talented and creative human beings on the planet. These upcoming operas are worth travelling to and experience in person.

I created this site so people could visually make sense of the dizzying array of productions opening every week, beyond a handful of playbills, emails and social media announcements. I am also passionate about growing the audience for this art form and wanted an easy place for people to get a simple overview of the opera world through images and videos.

After thirty years of attending the opera, I can confidently say that this is the most exciting time to be an opera fan. The quality of performances across the board is the best I have ever seen.

I hope to see you at an opera house somewhere in the world – be it La Scala, the Met, Santa Fe or Bayreuth. Until that time…


Peter Gaugy